Micro-needling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (#CIT), is a "medical cosmetic procedure where very fine needles puncture the skin to various depths to cause a controlled injury and induce the skin to make more collagen, resulting in a clearer complexion" (Collins Dictionary)

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At CareMed Dr Kennett offers the eDermaStamp (Health Canada Approved Class 2 Medical Device), manufactured by Dermaroller - the original company from Germany who invented the concept of aesthetic micro-needling for medical-aesthetic applications.

With eDermaStamp you get: surgical grade equipment, surgical grade sterilized needles, German quality engineering and production, highest perforation rate of (150sps), most advanced safety features and unmatched results. With 6 needles and maximum perforation of 150 punctures per second, your skin can be punctured up to 900 times per second at controlled depths.

Depths and speeds used are determined by area of body treated and treatment goals. For example, for stretchmarks, acne scars, and surgical scars, the rate of punctures is reduced, while the depth is increased. Another example would be regarding microneedling the delicate tissue around the eyes when the rate of punctures is increase and the depth is reduced.

Typical treatment protocols are: 3 treatments 6 weeks apart, results are most noticeable 1-3 months after the last treatment

Preparation: topical numbing cream is used for your comfort

Downtime: redness lasts 24-48 hours after treatment and skin sensitivity lasts for up to 5 days after treatment

Areas treated at CareMed:






Body Scars/stretchmarks

Should you have questions about this treatment, please feel free to book a complimentary 10 mins consultation or call our office at 778-340-1114

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