During a chemical peel treatment, the upper epidermis of the skin is removed via various types and combinations of acids. This triggers the regeneration of a new outer skin layer.  Chemical peels can be superficial, medium or deep and therapeutic choice depends on clinically desired outcome.  The deeper the peel, the longer the healing time.  Skin regenerates every 21-28 days, longer depending on age, general health, medications and lifestyle choices. A chemical peel with Dr. Kennett can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin.


  • To improve skin through smoothing, firming, increased cell turnover rate, and to decrease signs of aging



  • skin photoaging

  • melasma

  • acne

  • freckles

  • moles

  • non cancerous

  • lesions

  • scars

  • sun spots

  • enlarged pores

Types of Chemical Peels Offered



Chemical peels are booked in 40 minute appointments. You may wish to bring a scarf, hat, or other type of coverage since redness is likely to occur. It is recommended to book a chemical peel in the evening or on a day off. Time will be allotted for questions, concerns and clarifications.


First we cleanse the skin and remove any oil, dirt or makeup to ensure uniform contact of chemical peel with your skin. You can expect to feel heat during the procedure. Some patients use the words: “prickly, hot, stingy”  


The amount of downtime can vary from none to 10 days depending on the depth of the peel.  Superficial peels will have you glowing and ready for your event that same day, whereas deeper therapeutic peel will show visible redness up to 4 days post peel, with peeling of skin occurring from day 4-10 post peel.


For deeper peels: No sooner than four weeks post peel 
For superficial peels: Any time after two weeks should you wish to achieve deeper results.