Every living organism in the world contains hyaluronic acid as a structural component to their existence.  Hyaluronic acid forms the basis of 90% of all dermal fillers used.


As we age, or with certain disease conditions, fat and structural tissues in our bodies change in quantity.  For example, fat over our temples reduces as we age.  Or, in some cases, those seeking gender transitions may want to accentuate certain features to appear more feminine or masculine.  


Hyaluronic acid is degraded by an enzyme called hyaluronidase. Dermal fillers are placed under the skin to enhance features.


  • To restore youthful vitality to skin, by smoothing, firming, and sculpting.

  • To assist transgendered patients in aligning their physical appearance to the gender they identify with. 



  • Lipoatrophy (loss of fat pads from age or disease)

  • Fine lines and static wrinkles 
    Uneven / assymetrical appearance 



A dermal filler appointment is booked for 40 mins to ensure plenty of time to work together to achieve your desired effects.


The procedures vary depending on filler type. Please book a consultation to find out which filler is right for you. At that time, the procedure for your chosen filler will be explained in detail. 


Redness can last up to 24 hours. Swelling can last up to 48 hours. You can return to your daily activities after this therapy.  For more details on post treatment recovery, please book a cosmetic consultation.


Touch up apppointment booked as needed once swelling has reduced

Follow up treatments can be booked 6-18 months intervals based on duration and patient satisfaction with the filler.