Dr. Kennett is pleased to provide a wide range of services to optimize men’s health. Since it can be difficult to discuss some of these topics during a short medical visit, she offers longer appointments. Dr. Kennett creates a safe and comfortable atmosphere in a relaxed yet professional environment where men can feel confident that their health is in good hands.


  • To determine the underlying cause(s) of patient’s condition

  • To educate patient about the cause and management of their condition

  • To help patient work through a calculated treatment plan which restores function / reduces risk of condition / disease progression


  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Prostatitis 

  • Genital rashes, infections, or sexually transmitted infections 

  • Warts

  • Lean Muscle Gain

  • Performance and stamina-cognitive and physical

  • Hair loss 

  • Body Acne 

  • Mental health - depression and anxiety 

Clinical Testing

  • Lifelabs: fucntional testing

  • 24 hour urinary hormone testing

  • Cardiovascular testing / assessment 

  • Complete Thyroid testing / assessment