Dr. Kennett strives to offer complete patient care and proper diagnosis to the best of her abilities within the scope of her practice.


She enlists allopathic, western and conventional medicine to alleviate symptoms while working on addressing the underlying cause of a condition.


As a naturopathic doctor, she is guided by the following principles:

  • First, Do No Harm (Primum non nocere)

  • The Healing Powder of Nature (Vix medicatrix naturae)

  • Identify and Treat the Causes (Tolle causam)

  • Doctor as Teacher (Docere)

  • Treat the Whole Person (Tolle totum)

  • Prevention (Praevenic)

Dr. Kennett believes that all patients should be treated with the same goal of optimal health in body and mind, and that patients should should be informed of what they didn’t know existed. She also believes that patients have a right to make decisions about their health care, and that most diseases can be prevented.


She feels that diagnosis lends the patient more treatment options to reverse and/or manage their health issues, and that the current society we live in impacts our health more than we know. In her mind, it is imperative to help children and teenagers develop healthy views of themselves and food.


She feels birth control is not the only option for pregnancy prevention or management of period related discomfort. She also feels that stress plays a much larger role in our overall health than we admit to.

There is always more than one route to the same destination, and this applies to health and wellness. Dr. Kennett is a firm believer that incorporating all forms of medicine in different capacities can provide effective treatment plans to optimize your health. 


​Through her practice, Dr. Kennett has learned that:


  • All forms of medicine play a role in health.  Whether it’s antibiotics, acupucnture or herbal medicine, there exists the correct combination of all modalities for a patient.

  • Disease has an origin. 

  •  Mental health plays a role in more conditions than we’d like to admit.

  • All systems in the body are connected

  • There is no single dietary, medical, or natural fix for a patient's condition 

  • Medicine is a learned art which involves chronic learning, experience, intuition and thinking outside the box

Clinical Testing

  • Lifelabs: functional testing

  • 24 urinary hormone testing

  • Food sensitivity testing

  • Food allergy testing

  • Complete Digestive Stool analysis 

  • Organic acids testing

  • Chemical Toxicity / Heavy metal testing