PRP is a procedure whereby your blood is separated using a high powered centrifuge, the platelets are removed from the blood, and then the platelets are injected via shallow punctures into the superficial layers of your skin / scalp.  In this manual method, the platelets are concentrated into an area where they are generally not present in such high quantities.  

The platelets live under your skin for 28 days releasing a number of growth factors whose main task become to form a factory line of skin remodeling.  Skin remodeling is a slow and transformative process which occurs over 1 yr post treatment hence the common name for this procedure “once a year facial”.

Although this therapy is excellent stand alone treatment, Dr. Kennett prefers to use it as part of a larger skin plan.  PRP is often suggested alone or in combination with chemical peels, neuromodulator, healthy diet and lifestyle changes, functional medicine and custom compounded or Rx treatments.


  • To naturally induce skin rejuvenation and remodeling

  • To naturally stimulate new, larger, and more numerous hairs in hair follicles which have been negatively affected by changes in a patient’s health status, or hormone imbalances


Treated Areas

  • Face and neck

  • Scalp - to stimulate hair growth, used in combination with other therapies ideally

  • Decollete - to reduce signs of aging from sun damage

  • Backs of hands - also to reduce signs of aging from sun damage and chronic chemical exposure


  • Acne Scars

  • Dull, dry, sullen skin

  • Reduced elasticity

  • Sun damaged skin (photoaging)



2 hours, the first hour is spent on preparation and the second hour spent on injections


Blood is drawn from patient and while the platelet sample is prepared by doctor, the patient's skin / scalp is prepped with a numbing agent.  The platelets are then injected into the skin at 1-6 injections per sq cm. Topical or local anesthetic options available


In most cases, redness settles and regular makeup routine can be resumed 24 hours post-treatment.


Facial PRP can be performed 1-3 times per month.


For scalp PRP, initial treatments range from 1-3 treatments bi-monthly, and follow-up is recommended at 6 and 12 months.